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How many years of copyright does a work have?

How many years of copyright does a work have?

A lot of people are confused about how many years of copyright does a work have according to Vietnamese Law? Good Lawyers in Hanoi, Vietnam – lawyers of Dragon Law Firm, Hanoi Lawyer Bar will answer you this question.

When an enterprise considered bankruptcy
Dragon Law firm, excellent lawyers in Hanoi, Vietnam will discuss about the topic "When an enterprise considered bankruptcy". In the course of operation business, risks to the business is natural. When an enterprise is no longer able to operate, they must conduct bankruptcy proceedings. It is what we will talk today on this article.
What to do when you can not confront the debt
In the process of representation to recover debt the specialized debt recovery company has encountered so many problems. So, what should you do in this situation? What is the best solution? The good lawyers in Hanoi, Vietnam about debt recovery service will discuss with you more about this issue.
Change of investment registration certificate
With the development of the economy, lawyers who are special in Enterprises have become necessary with every company in the process of its operation. Good Law Firm in Hanoi, Dragon Law Firm - with a lot of excellent lawyers, is pleased to bring to you the best quality of service of changing the investment registration certificate.


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