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Owners of intellectual property rights may choose from a variety of measures to protect their intellectual property rights:

- Apply technological measures to prevent infringements of intellectual property rights;

- Request an organization or individual to commit an act of infringement of an intellectual property right to terminate the act of infringement, apology, rectification or compensation;

- Request competent State agencies to handle acts of infringement of intellectual property rights in accordance with the provisions of Law on Intellectual Property and other relevant laws;

- Initiate lawsuits in court in Vietnam or arbitration in Vietnam for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests.

Famous law firm in Hanoi with team of lawyers in copyrights dispute resolution advises on some copyright disputes as follows:

1. Disputes between individuals and individuals regarding copyright in literary, artistic, scientific, and derivative works;

2. Disputes between co-authors on the division of co-authorship;

3. Disputes between individuals and organizations about the owner of copyrights of a work;

4. Disputes between the copyright owner and the author on royalties and remuneration to the author of the creation of the work on the basis of his/her assigned tasks or contract;

5. Disputes over the exercise of the personal rights or the property rights of authors or copyright holders;

6. Disputes over copyright in computer programs, data collection between financial providers and material conditions which are decisive for the development and development of computer programs and data collections with the designer, computer program making person;

7. Disputes over copyright in cinematographic works and theatrical works between financial investors and material and technical foundations for the production of cinematographic works or theatrical works with participants on royalties, remuneration and other material interests;

8. Disputes between the owner of copyright and the user of the published work shall not require permission, payment of royalties or remuneration, for reasons of use that affect normal exploitation. The work, which is detrimental to the rights of the author or owner of the work;

9. Disputes between owners of copyright and users of published works shall not be subject to permission, but must pay royalties or remuneration for the reason that the users fail to pay royalties, remuneration or photos and it affects the normal exploitation of the work, detrimental to the rights of the author or the owner of the copyright;

10. Disputes over transfer contracts or transfer of the right to use copyright or disputes over copyright service contracts; transfer contract, use of copyrights

11. Disputes arisen due to acts of infringement of copyright;

12. Disputes over the inheritance, inheritance of property rights and personal rights

13. Other copyright disputes as provided for by law.

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