With the development of the economy, lawyers who are special in Enterprises have become necessary with every company in the process of its operation. Good Law Firm in Hanoi, Dragon Law Firm - with a lot of excellent lawyers,  is pleased to bring to you the best quality of service of changing the investment registration certificate.

For investment certificates, when changing any contents, the procedures for applying for amendment of investment certificates must be made. 

The investment certificate is different from the certificate of business registration inside the country. Investment certificate associated with the business registration certificate. So when we change the content of the investment certificate we need to do the adjustment procedure. Including:

- Adjusting investors, changing capital-contributing members, changing the percentage of capital contribution, transferring of contributed capital.

- Adjusting the company name, changing the name of the enterprise, adjusting the name of the investment project.

- Adjusting the location of the project, changing the company address, business address.

-  Adjusting  the project's operational objectives, changing business lines, adding business lines.

-  Adjusting total investment capital, changing charter capital, increasing charter capital.

- Adjusting the duration of the project, extending the duration of the project.


- Changing of legal representative, changing of title. 


We are a Law Firm which is special in consulting establishment of foreign-owned companies,  established companies with foreigners in Vietnam, application for investment certificates, amending investment certificates, setting up companies with 100% foreign capital, transferring capital to foreigners, to take foreigners into Vietnamese companies in the form of:  buy shares in limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and partnerships.

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